Transforming The Look of Your Concrete Patio

Concrete is the most commonly used manmade material in the world. It is pretty uncommon for a home not to have concrete somewhere on the property. Concrete can be used for flooring, patios and sidewalks, foundations, basements, retaining walls, and the list goes on from there.

Indoor uses of concrete may include kitchen countertops, floors, vanity tops, shower floors and decorative items both inside and out such as columns, fountains, sculptures and birdbaths. Not only are we finding new uses for concrete every day, we are also finding new ways in which to liven it up.

By staining, coating or overlaying a concrete surface, it can take on a completely different appearance. Most of these concrete applications are meant to transform the concrete into a canvas of stone, slate, marble, wood, tile or even leather. And create a durable, easy to clean concrete solution. The application of changing a concrete surface is a much more simple and less expensive approach to a custom-tiled or masonry patio, floor or walkway.

Make Your Patio Concrete a Colorful Masterpiece

Often the first thing that comes to mind when you think of concrete is a bland, gray slab that has no life to it.

With designs from Silverline Systems, you can change that by adding more than just color to your concrete. There are several different things you can do for the design including adding color flakes for a vivid look with a beautiful layout.

Meanwhile acid stains to concrete show texture and set the concrete away from the ordinary. Whether you are looking to spice up the garage floor or want to create a relaxing summer patio, there are many design options you can take advantage of.  

Bring Some Color to Your Patio Concrete

With simple treatments, you can change the color and look of existing or new concrete. Dyes, tints and stains can turn regular concrete into a luxurious building material, whether inside or out. Concrete treatments are a great way to liven up concrete patios or driveways. Furthermore, you can create an elaborate entryway for your home by staining interior concrete to give the illusion of a more luxurious flooring material.

For hardened, existing concrete, you can apply the color to the surface. You will need to ensure the concrete is in good condition with no large cracks. Just as you would stain wood, concrete will absorb the color of the tint. After coloring, a sealer is recommended to protect the depth of the color.

If dying your concrete will not work, you can look into a coating system. This process paints color over the concrete. Normally, the color is distributed equally over the entire surface, but there are additives that can be included to create a more dynamic look

If you are looking to pour new concrete, you can still dye or tint it. In fact, you can completely skip a step by mixing the color directly into the wet concrete. After the concrete is poured, you will simply have to follow but with a sealer.

No matter what your situation is regarding the concrete surrounding – or inside – your home, exploring decorative concrete will offer you unique, artistic and affordable choices that will create a unique look that will last for years. To add color to your concrete, contact us today.

Silverline Concrete Systems can transform any living space to have the look of your dreams.

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