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What Is the Best Time To Install a Garage Floor Coating?

If you’re keen on improving and maintaining your garage’s aesthetic value, there are a few practical ways to go about it. The two most notable ways include organizing your garage storage in Boise and installing a garage floor coating. Installing a quality garage floor coating can be a great way to revamp your garage for easy maintenance and increased durability of your garage floor. One question always piques the interest of both homeowners and commercial garage space owners; when is the ideal time for the installation? Will there be any adverse effect of installing the garage floor coating during extreme winter or summer periods? 

There are no succinct answers to these questions as the outcome is entirely dependent on several factors, the major one being the type of floor coating you decide on using. Others include whether or not experts are handling the installation. In short, a garage owner can install a garage floor coating at any time of the year, provided they take into account the type of coating and the quality of the installation process.  

Implications of floor coating types on the installation time

As mentioned above, one of the critical factors in considering the time of floor coating installation is the type of floor coating you settle for. There are a wide variety of coating materials, each promising different results and having varying quality levels. They include Epoxy floor coating, Polyaspartic floor coating, Garage floor tiles, Concrete resurfacer, Floor sealer, and many others. At Silverline Systems, we recommend Polyaspartic floor coating as the best on the list due to its ability to withstand installation during extreme hot or cold weather patterns. 

Polyaspartic floor coating is classified as a high-performance coating and boasts of easy cleaning and maintenance, slow wear and tear, and an enhanced aesthetic appeal for your garage. The only downside is their cost, but that shouldn’t worry you as you’ll save more in the long-term from avoiding other related expenses. 

Epoxy floor coating is also another good alternative, but keep in mind that, unlike their Polyaspartic counterparts, they can’t be installed in extreme temperatures. In this case, you might want to consider installing it in warm weather to hasten the curing time. Other than the temperature, humidity is also a crucial factor when installing Epoxy and many other floor coating types influenced by the weather. Humidity, just like temperature, affects the speed of drying and hardening of the floor. 

Installation is key

The difference between a well-done garage floor coating and a visually unsatisfying one is the process of installation. Professionalism, especially if you’re installing Polyaspartic floor coating, is integral in ensuring an adequate job. This is why Polyaspartic floor coating costs more as homeowners/garage spaces owners are advised to hire the services of expert installers using specialized equipment to reduce the chances of potentially more costly errors significantly. The first step to a successful installation is thoroughly preparing the surface; we usually use an industrial grinder. Also, materials need to be mixed in their proper proportions and used within the specified time.   

Our garage floor coating process

Our installers are conscious of time and always strive to keep up with the indicated time. They will then start the process in a careful step-by-step sequence. 

  • The garage floor will first be prepared by use of an industrial grinder. This is an integral step that, if not done well, can lead to the coating not adhering well to the garage floor.
  • Next is the repairing session, where our installers will mend any cracks or level up any uneven places across the garage floor. For the coating to adhere perfectly well, it requires an even base. 
  • A basecoat is then applied evenly across the garage.
  • Your preferred choice of chip color is then broadcasted all over the floor. The color will depend on what you pick; we have a wide variety of chip colors to choose from. If you don’t like our available selections, you can customize your preferred choice with us. 
  • The Polyaspartic topcoat is now ready to be rolled out. Our installers will ensure that it is evenly distributed across the garage floor. 

Cleaning and maintenance of Polyaspartic garage floor coatings

Cleaning and maintenance of Polyaspartic floor coating are pretty easy but a crucial process for keeping the floor healthy for a long time into the future. Dirt and dust rarely stick to the floor; hence you can sweep and clean it at least once a week using a soft broom or just a dust mop. Avoid using corrosive cleaning agents or soap-based cleaners to maintain the floor’s shine. Employ preventative tactics as a way of regular maintenance; this includes making sure no heavy items like furniture are dragged across the floor. Protect the coating by ensuring any heavy equipment within the garage is placed on a soft carpet or mat. Note that it’s essential to fix any needed repairs as soon as they occur to avoid further damage. 

Whether you’re looking to revamp your garage floor/storage or are interested in our various home interior organization solutions, you’re in the right place. Just sit back and relax. Our installers at Silverline Systems have a combined experience of over 25 years in the industry and are continually updating themselves on the latest technologies in the field. Please book your free consultation with us today through our website at https://silverlinesystems.com/ by leaving us your contact and a brief message of what services you need. We always ensure to get back on time with further relevant details depending on your specific needs. You can also contact us at the address and phone number below; 

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