Tips to Save Space and Turn Any Room Into A Bedroom

Are you looking to convert your small space into a bedroom? There are plenty of ways to convert your small living space or garage into your bedroom while saving space and not making it look cluttered. Good garage storage in Boise and other ideas can help you make the most of your space. Below are some tips to make the most of your small space and convert it into a bedroom: 

Begin with the Basics

Ensure you do your homework before you begin. Understand what you need your room to look like and get to know your home’s flaws and strengths. Check the layout of your home, get measurements, and determine how much furniture you already own. Also, develop your budget, list the items you need to buy, and decide whether or not you will work on the project yourself or hire a designer to help you. You must have a basic plan and be prepared. The more planning and preparation you do, the better the chances of your space becoming a comfortable bedroom.  

Bring in Natural Light

Get a sliding glass room divider. This will help create a partition in your space yet bring in bright natural light. A sliding glass divider will have plenty of benefits, including retaining the natural light in the room, reducing the use of artificial lights, creating a private space by dividing the room from the rest of the house, adding elegance and style, and saving space.  

Enlarge the Area

If you want to convert your room into a bedroom, you must enlarge the area. There are many ways to make your space appear bigger. One way is to use the same color on the wall and the floor. This will blend the open space and create an illusion of a bigger room.  

Get Furniture with Dual Function

Furniture used in small houses should have multiple functions. This way, you can save a considerable amount of space. For instance, get a sofa that can convert into a bed. Get a folding table for your dining area. This way, you will save space and not have to buy too many things, saving yourself some money. 

Add a Loft Bed to the Room

Loft beds work great if your room has high ceilings. They help you maximize space in your room. It helps create a bedroom at the top and multi-functional rooms with ready-made furniture below. A loft bed can help you meet the various needs in your day-to-day life in a small space. The stairs that lead to the bed can also be used as storage units.  

Get a Big Bookshelf

If you are an avid reader and need something to divide your room, then a bookshelf is your answer. A good bookshelf serves multiple purposes when used smartly. It can divide your room without blocking natural light, and it can also be used to empower your bed. It can create a bedroom from the open space. It can also provide additional storage. 

Get Room Dividers

If you have one big room you want to convert into a bedroom, then room dividers are your go-to. Room dividers help convert one large space without dividing walls into multiple sections or rooms. They also don’t look bulky like walls and can still give you that open feeling. There are various things you can use as room dividers like:

  • Draperies and curtains that can be suspended from the ceiling
  • Built-in desk combo
  • A projection screen
  • Sliding doors
  • Slatted wood screen
  • Temporary half wall 

Get Twin-Size Captain Beds

Twin-size captain beds can save you a lot of space while meeting your requirements. Not only do they give you a comfortable space to sleep, but they also come with many drawers that can be used for storage. They are simple to use as well.  

Don’t Ignore Your Walls

Walls are an important aspect of your home. You can decorate your walls and add various elements if you don’t want to use room dividers but want to create a separate space in a single room. You can paint your walls in different colors to designate different sections in the same room. This will save you space and can be more affordable as well. 

Wall Beds

A house with thick walls can benefit from wall beds. This way, you will be able to set up your bedroom within the wall. The space can serve a different purpose during the day when the bed is not in use. 

Pegboards to the Rescue

Pegboards are another practical way to save space and create a bedroom in your room. They divide the space into two separate rooms and can also work for storage. You can hang different items or even baskets to put things in on the pegboards. 

Get a Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are great in areas where there is limited floor space. They provide comfort and functionality without compromising on aesthetics. These beds can be folded into classic-looking wooden cabinets that can be used as a centerpiece in any room. They also help create extra floor space and open up your room. Murphy beds are easy to use and can be folded with just one hand. You can even store your bedding, sheets, and pillows in these beds. 

Built-In Trundle Bed

A built-in trundle bed can be used as a sofa, a divider, as well as a bed to sleep on. A custom-made bed will have a raised platform that can be used as a divider in the room. This platform will conceal your trundle bed which can be partially pulled out like a sofa during the day. 

Get Garage Cabinets

If you are trying to convert your garage space into a bedroom, garage cabinets can be a savior. These cabinets will improve your garage’s appearance and give you ample storage space. It will also free up your floor space to install a bed or anything else that you may need. is a locally owned and operated business that offers home organization and concrete beautification. Our services include garage flooring, garage storage, and interior design. We offer a premier line of garage cabinets, closets, and home organization solutions to all our customers.

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