How To Clean A Concrete Surface? 5 Easy To Follow Steps

Whether you have a concrete driveway or a concrete patio it will get dirty. Concrete tends to get dirty slowly over time so you may not even realize that it needs cleaning. Even if you do not think that the concrete needs cleaning you should wash it at least once a year.

1. Clear the driveway/patio surface of all dirt and debris. A good sweeping will help make sure that everything is out of the way.

2. Using a power washer is your best bet for making sure that your concrete gets clean. The best thing about a power washer is that you do not need to use any harmful chemicals, you can just use water.

3. Set up your power washer as recommended by the manufacturer. Turn your power washer on and spray the area that you are going to be cleaning in even strokes all along the concrete.

4. If there is an area with a stubborn stain, you will want to stay on that area a little longer.

5. Once you have completely sprayed the concrete, you will want to let it dry. You may want to consider sealing the driveway to prevent any further damage to the concrete.

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