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Concrete Coatings, Garage Cabinets & Closet Organizers In Boise

Serving Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Kuna and the entire Treasure Valley

Welcome to Silverline, Inc. We go about our business with one thing in mind… Total customer satisfaction. Locally owned and operated we are the authority when it comes to concrete beautification and home organization. We showcase the area’s most experienced, knowledgeable and creative sales and design staff and provide and install products that are second to none creating Treasure Valley’s only complete makeover shop. When it comes to concrete surfaces there is nothing we cannot beautify, protect and restore. On the inside we rise up to meet and defeat all your storage challenges. Silverline Systems, we beautify and organize your home!

Silverline Inc, is your local home organization expert serving Boise, ID and the surrounding areas. As a fully trained and authorized ORG Home dealer, we provide professionally designed and custom built organization solutions. Our complete line of home organization solutions provide unique solutions that include closet organizers, garage cabinets, laundry rooms, home office systems, pantries, murphy beds, and many other types of custom furnishings. Call us Today or visit our new 3,000 sq. ft. showroom on the NE corner of Eagle rd and Chinden and come see the difference!

What is Concrete Coating?

A concrete coating is a special blend of materials that covers the existing concrete with a protective barrier. Each situation is unique, and therefore a special blend of materials will be needed to properly coat the concrete. Concrete coatings are perfect for garages floors, aircraft hangers, basements and more.

Why Would I Use Concrete Coating?

Concrete coatings offer a number of benefits including:

•You will have more free time and spend less time cleaning as they are easy to clean and they resist oil, gas and chemicals.

•You will feel more comfortable in your space as coatings may be custom designed to create the look you have been wanting.

•Finally, concrete coatings are durable, versatile and economical.

Your space with a custom look that is easy to clean and ready to enjoy. Check out our concrete coating services and our gallery to find the perfect coating for your space.

5 Common types of concrete coating overlays 

Stampable concrete overlays

A stamped overlay offers all the aesthetic benefits of conventional stamped concrete but is less time- and labor-intensive to install which means it costs less money to the homeowner. The overlay mix is applied using a gauge rake and then imprinted with a design. There are many different types of designs available and can be used to make the coating look like natural stone, brick, or slate.

Microtoppings and concrete skim coats

These are super thin decorative toppings that are applied to floors with no holes or cracks in them. The material is administered by a trowel and can be as thin as a few millimeters. Many colors and textures are available.

Epoxy Terrazzo concrete Toppings

Epoxy Terrazzo is a thin substance that is poured in place to a thickness of up to 3/8 of an inch. You can incorporate colors or paint to achieve the look you are going for. It can also be colored with chips of marble, granite or glass to achieve an even more customized look.

Spray-down concrete systems

These are systems that are sprayed down evenly onto existing concrete. Again, many textures and colors are available to achieve the look you are going for. One popular technique is to use stencils to produce different designs.

Self-leveling concrete overlays

This type of concrete garage coating has the ability to level without using trowling and extra labor. It also comes in handy because it can smooth and level any cracks or holes. You are able to engrave designs or incorporate decorative inlays and this material can also be stained.

Garage Storage Cabinets in Boise, Idaho

More often than not, garages become more than just storage for a vehicle or two. Often our garages becomes a place for extra storage, a home for sporting equipment or the place for household tools. Unfortunately, these objects all take up a significant amount of space and leave your vehicle out in the cold.

With garage cabinets, you can create extra space to create a place for all your storage needs while still maintaining a secure place for your vehicle. The trick, however, is choosing the right kind of storage to hold all your extra stuff is very important. Here are a few things to ask yourself when starting the process:

  • Do you need to access your items frequently, or will you be storing items such as holiday decorations?
  • Where do you plan on placing the cabinets in the garage?
  • What items do you need to store now?
  • What items will you need to store in the future?
  • Will children need access to the cabinets?

These questions will help you determine your storage needs. For a full range of suggestions of garage cabinets, contact us today.

Closet Organizer Systems Boise, Idaho

There are many benefits to using a custom closet organizer. When things are organized, it makes the items easier to find.  The owner does not have to search through clutter to find the one sweater they wish to wear.  Avoid the frustration of only being able to find one of the pair of favorite shoes.  Make closet organization a high priority.

Being able to choose a good and durable closet organization system can help make a prosperous beginning. When having a closet designed, consider your needs, but make sure that you are practical.  Closets are money in the real estate world.  It should be designed and decorated just like any other room in the house.  Master bedroom closets are high dollar real estate and deserve careful planning.

A custom designed closet organization system is much more affordable than you may think and they provide many options that are not easy to do yourself or that you can find at your local hardware supply store. There are endless combinations of shelving, drawers, cabinets and hanging rods. Mix these pieces together to make the space the most beneficial and practical for you.  If possible, it is a big benefit, to have an ironing board in the space.

Having a clean, organized closet boosts a person’s self-image.  They have ready access to all the pieces of their wardrobe which lends itself to putting together matched outfits.  It just feels better to walk into the wardrobe, and see everything all arranged and accessible.  It encourages the user to take better care of clothes and accessories.  This makes them last longer.  With everything in arms reach, the closet encourages the user to use all of their things, rather than just a few favorite pieces.

Having a well-designed closet organizer also adds value to the home.  Closets sell and messy closets loose sales and decrease desirability.  Many designer claims that a high-end closet can add up to 5% or more to the cost of the home.  Again try to use pieces that are practical for not only you, but a future potential buyer. One common new trend is a washer and dryer in the master bedroom closet.  If you have a closet that is big enough, and you give into the trend, make sure there is another laundry room in the house.  If this is the only washer and dryer, it will significantly decrease the desirability of the home.  Use a common sense approach.

Go to magazines, the internet and showrooms to gather ideas that will work for the space available. We encourage anyone who has interest in a great home storage system to visit our design center on the intersection of Chinden and Eagle Road. Silverline System is the Treasure Valley’s premiere designer and installer of closet organizers and whole home storage Solutions. Take some time to visit the Storage Systems section of this website and call us today to get your FREE in home design consultation.

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Products We Offer

garage epoxy floor coatings boise idaho coatings

Garage Flooring

We use a high-performance system that protects & enhances surfaces. High-traffic spaces demand high-performance systems. Using an extremely durable Polyurea coating, an advanced technology similar to spray-on truck bed liners, this garage floor coating system is four times stronger and 98% more flexible than epoxy. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the Polyurea coatings system is virtually

Garage Storage

Your garage is an informal entryway into the home, but it can be so much more. Upgrading your garage with custom organizers can improve its appearance, keep it orderly, and elevate this underused space into a convenient place to entertain family and guests. Make your garage just as attractive as the rest of your home with quality cabinets designed with the color, hardware and sizes that fit your space and style.

Interior Home

We collaborate with you to create an environment that invites idea sharing and embraces individuality. From Murphy Beds to wrap-around desks and open shelves store documents and support work activities. With our custom capabilities, columns, corners, and other irregularities don’t inhibit the design. Refined and steamlines spaces with coordinated finishes and gardware integrate with your architecture.

Silverline Eagle Idaho Showroom

About us

We are a locally owned and operated company located in Boise, Idaho. With over 25 years of combined experience we have created a company that can offer an array of options to add appeal and even value to your home or facility. Silverline was started in 2004 offering garage floor coatings, and since then has added concrete overlays, metallic coatings, staining and sealing. Recently adding a premier line of garage cabinets, closets and home organization solutions, becoming the one stop shop.  We also took the next step of moving our office from an industrial warehouse in Meridian to a streamline location on the NE corner of Eagle rd and Chinden. Creating a Design Center that you can come in to see, feel and design the finishes that you are looking for your new or existing home or office for your concrete surfaces or storage systems.


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