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Murphy Beds And Wall Beds In Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Kuna

The idea of a comfy bed being tucked away and easy to pull down when needed is a great way to get extra sleeping for those relatives that come for the holidays!  This summer our extended family spent the weekend in a beautiful cabin in the mountains.  No expense was spared on the landscaping, woodwork, and fixtures but they did skimp when it came to beds.  Most of the beds were small and uncomfortable.  As we tried to sleep on a foldable, pull out mattress from a couch I was wishing for one Silverline’s comfy and stylish murphy beds.

 Murphy beds are not a new concept but they have come a long way when it comes to style and functionality.  We have desks that turn into beds and you don’t even have to unplug your electronics!  We also have custom cabinets/murphy bed combos that make your home office look amazing and serve dual purposes.  If your look is more traditional or modern, light or dark wood we have lots of options to chose from.  Come visit our showroom or browse through our website and let us help you to choose a murphy bed that will look great and impress your house guests.

Smart organization is the secret to reinventing your rooms and making the most of every inch. Maximize your square footage with a beautiful and space-saving Murphy Bed, mix clever storage with upscale style to create a garage you can be proud of, and use space-expanding tricks to open up the potential of any room. Get inspired with ideas for your spare room, library, office, or garage, and find the solutions that deliver the style, organization, and versatility you want.  

Library Murphy Bed Solution

Combine a spacious home office and comfortable guest accommodations with an elegant Library Murphy Bed solution. A sliding central bookcase parts in the middle to reveal a queen-sized bed frame that can accommodate a standard mattress up to 11″ thick. 

Murphy Bed Boise Idaho Library Wall Bed

  • Store books or display favorite items on the open bookcase and side cabinets.

  • Add shelves, drawers, baskets, hanging rods, or doors to the side cabinets to personalize your solution.

  • Provide convenient storage for pillows, blankets, or other items with a built-in pillow storage box.

Flip-Up Desk Murphy Bed Solution

When space is at a premium, a Flip-Up Desk Murphy Bed lets you make good use of every inch, providing a useful work area and a cozy bedroom combined into one. By day, the stylish desk offers room to work, and by night, it folds down to make room for a twin, full or queen bed. 

Murphy Bed Boise Idaho Flip Up Desk Wall Bed

  • Create a workable work surface by swinging the desk top up, then unfolding and locking the legs beneath it.

  • Add side cabinets with pull-out drawers to file paperwork or keep a printer right next to the place you work. 

Murphy Bed Custom Entertainment Centers

Did you know that in addition to garage cabinets and closets we can build you a custom entainment center?  We recently had a customer who came to us after searching every furniture store in the valley for the perfect entertainment center.  They could not find the perfect mix of style, materials and dimensions.  We were able to design them the perfect piece and customize it to fit her space, making sure to fill the room but not cover the three windows that let in a ton of natural light.  They were thrilled with the final product and they glad that their put her faith in us to build them what they wanted!  We have lots of different styles, colors and materials to choose from to fit your space. As always, our estimates are free and we would love to draw something up for you!

How Does A Murphy Bed Work?

Murphy beds are a special type of wall bed. A wall bed is a type of bed that folds into the wall to save space when not in use, as opposed to traditional beds which have legs and so take up much more room.  A murphy bed works by folding down from the wall or otherwise sliding out from the adjacent wall. A murphy bed can be used in a bedroom for guests or in an office space to allow the room to better fit activities taking place within it.

A Murphy bed is sometimes called a “wallbed” or “wall bed”. The user would commonly pull the bed out from the wall, unfold it and lay it down on top of a desk, couch or other flat surface. A murphy bed can be designed to have a desk built in above it, so that the desk top covers the bed when it is pulled down. Typically, murphy beds are mounted on metal tracks so that they slide out easily without needing to lift them up and over an obstruction. The murphy bed will usually have a latch so that it can be locked into place when in use, and unlocked to allow for the bed to be folded up again.

Are Murphy Beds Comfortable? 

In a world where space is sparse, the murphy bed or as some call them “wall beds” has become a popular solution for storing a sleeping area without having an excessive amount of furniture in the room. Below you will learn four facts about these unique storage wall beds and the features that make them comfortable to sleep on and use.

1) The Murphy Bed Company claims that their beds are just as comfortable as traditional beds. The company has tested their beds and come to the conclusion that they are just as supportive and provide a similar sleeping experience to a traditional bed. Many people who have purchased this type of wall bed agree.

2) Murphy beds attach to the wall and store vertically when not in use, so they take up less space than a traditional bed. A boxspring and mattress on a regular frame take up at least 40 inches of floor space; murphy beds in some cases can fold down to just 16 inches, which gives you more room in your home.

3) Besides taking up less space, a murphy bed is also easy to get in and out of. One person can set up the bed with little effort. This means you don’t need any special equipment or help from anyone else in order to switch from “open” mode (a bed) to “closed” mode (a flat wall unit). In addition, some beds can be raised in height, making it easier for people with limited mobility to get into bed.

4) If you are looking for a comfortable place to sleep, look no further than a murphy bed. These beds use the same mattress as traditional beds and they offer an easy setup.

Murphy Bed Green Color Folded Down Boise Home
Murphy Bed Green Color Boise Home
Murphy Bed Bamboo Color Folded Down in Boise Idaho Home
Murphy Bed Bamboo Color Folded Up in Boise Idaho Home
Murphy Bed Black Color Gold Handles Pulled Out Boise Idaho house
Murphy Bed Black Color Gold Handles Boise Idaho house

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