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Garage Storage Systems

The number one place of entrance to a home is through the garage. Day in and day out we are constantly using our garage for storing things, piles of boxes of out grown baby clothes and so on. There’s nothing easy about clutter. Looking through poorly stacked, unorganized boxes and piles to find that long, lost item is probably the last thing you want to do. So, what’s the solution to the chaotic mess? Our Silverline Storage Systems, we can create a space to put all of your seasonal items and toys in a place and out of the way.  And  with our Euro Style cabinet systems you can custom make them any size you want to fit boxes, bins and golf clubs behind a nice door. Or if you don’t have a lot of room we can use our Overhead-Storage Systems that goes up on the ceiling.

Now when you open you garage door you won’t have to hurry and close it as you weave in and out of your boxes, bikes and toys trying to close your garage door before the neighbors drive by or leaving your company out at the front door while you go through your garage to come around front to unlock the door.  Be proud of your new storage systems and why not leave your garge door up more often!

The easiest way to get that garage into shape quickly is to first pull all the stuff out of hiding. You’ll have to move everything anyway in order for your Silverline Systems installation team to put up your new garage cabinets and organizers and maybe a garage floor coating while we are in there?. Once you’ve got a clean space and all that empty shelving space to work with, organizing will become a breeze.

Imagine your space with a custom look that is easy to keep organized and ready to enjoy. Check out our storage sytems and our gallery to find the perfect storage systems for your space.

Improve the Usability of Your Garage with Garage Racks

Pulling your bike out of the corner of your garage that is piled with holiday decorations or other seasonally-used equipment can be a hassle.

By adding a few racks to your garage walls, you can keep your sporting equipment off the ground, but still keep easy access. Plus, garage racks give you the ability to keep your garage floor clear for easy cleaning or to display a beautifully stained concrete floor. In addition to racks, adding garage cabinets can provide even more storage for a cluttered garage.

Garage Storage

Boise epoxy flooring and garage storage
Garage Storage Wall System Boise Idaho home
black garage storage with gray epoxy floors

About us

We are a locally owned and operated company located in Boise, Idaho. With over 25 years of combined experience we have created a company that can offer an array of options to add appeal and even value to your home or facility. Silverline was started in 2004 offering garage floor coatings, and since then has added concrete overlays, metallic coatings, staining and sealing. Recently adding a premier line of garage cabinets, closets and home organization solutions, becoming the one stop shop.  We also took the next step of moving our office from an industrial warehouse in Meridian to a streamline location on the NE corner of Eagle rd and Chinden. Creating a Design Center that you can come in to see, feel and design the finishes that you are looking for your new or existing home or office for your concrete surfaces or storage systems.