How To Declutter And Organize Your Garage

The garage is one of the most important parts of a house. Its primary function is to shelter your car, but its uses go beyond that. A garage is often used as a storage unit where you and your family can place things you do not use often or are too bulky for the main house. Due to its multipurpose nature, garage storage Boise has become a popular way to keep the entire property well organized. 

Importance Of Decluttering Your Garage

With so many functions and uses, garages can get pretty cluttered. Since it is not a room that may frequently be used other than parking the car, it is often neglected… out of sight, out of mind. However, the importance of keeping your garage clean and tidy cannot be overstated. 

Easier to find something: Any disorganized room can make it difficult to find something, but the situation can be worse in the garage. This is because a garage houses a lot of unrelated things ranging from used car parts to tools, making it paramount to organize the space so that you can quickly locate items.

Safety: As we have just mentioned, the garage is home to many things; some items like tools and spare parts can be dangerous if not well stored. They can injure you or damage other things in the garage. 

More space: By adequately arranging the garage, you can create more space to store more things. The space created can also make it easier for you to navigate through the garage. 

Protect expensive items: The garage can house some of the most expensive items of your home. Tools and car spare parts are just some of the things that should be kept safe. By storing these items well, you can enhance their durability and ensure they work properly for longer.

Keep out pests: The garage’s dark corners and spaces may be the perfect place for pests like rats. You may keep your entire house spotless, but if you neglect the garage, you could be inviting these pests. Pests like rats are highly intelligent, and while you may think that your house is safe because the pathway between your garage and house is secure, pests can and will always find a way. And once they are in the house, getting rid of them can be expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating. 

What To Do If You Want To Declutter Your Garage

Unlike organizing your living room, a garage declutter process is different. There is less space and more things which means you need to be meticulous with everything you do. 

1. Shelving

In a garage, the walls are your biggest storage resource. Even though most garages do not have shelves or have very few, the walls can hold many items in a safe and organized way. The first thing you need to consider before building shelves is what you need to store on them. This is why customized garage shelves are very important. 

Ensure the shelves’ dimensions can accommodate the items you want to place on them. If the items are long, make sure the vertical length between the shelves can accommodate the items. If the items are wide, make sure that the shelves are long enough horizontally. 

Most importantly, you need to install durable shelves. Since you may be storing a wide range of things, the amount of weight the shelves can hold should not be a barrier. Instead, go for vertical solid steel beams to attach to the wall and heavy gauge powder-coated steel to build the shelf itself. Many experts recommend steel shelves because they do not rust, which ensures you maintain the aesthetic appeal of your garage, and they can hold a lot of weight. 

2. Cabinets

With garage storage, cabinets and shelves go hand in hand, and you should have both installed. Cabinets are great for storing valuable or dangerous items. Use the shelves to store blades, tools, and other things of value. Lockable cabinets present an added level of security for your garage. 

Your garage door may be faulty, which may make it accessible to intruders. Having secure cabinets to store your valuable items can save you from expensive garage thievery. 

Again using durable material such as steel to construct the cabinets will ensure they can hold heavy objects. You should also have the cabinets custom built so that they can accommodate different sizes of your stuff. 

One thing to watch out for is the cabinet doors. As we have mentioned, most garages do not have a lot of space, meaning having hanging or open cabinet doors can be dangerous. The doors may injure you or your family and damage other items in the garage, including your vehicle. It is therefore important to have your cabinet door hinge and lock securely so that when you shut the door, it does not open by itself. You can go a step further and install self-pull hinges so that the cabinet doors close themselves, even if you forget.

3. Workbench

Every complete garage needs a good working bench where you can repair things, start a new hobby or even use it to install the cabinets and shelves for your garage. But how does a workbench help you declutter the garage, you ask? A work bench’s surface offers more storage space and a place to bolt down dangerous tools, reducing the chances of injury. A workbench can also have additional storage space under it to keep even more things. But most importantly, it is a central place where you can place things temporarily before moving them to a more secure place in the garage. 


Use storage bins: One of the best ways to store items in your garage is by using plastic bins. You can neatly label everything and place them on the shelves or cabinets, much like you would a storage facility. 

Declutter a step at a time: our minds work in mysterious ways. Often you can be discouraged about the declutter process if the work is just too much. Instead, you can do it step by step, one thing at a time. You can decide that one day all you are decluttering and getting rid of is empty paint cans. And another day, you can decide you are arranging only items you will place on your shelf. This technique may take longer but will ensure you complete every task without burnout. 

But in any modern house, the garage is much more than a storage unit; it is a space you can turn into a beautiful functioning room. You can add more detail to stand out and raise its aesthetic appeal. But such distinct and specialized garage changes need a professional approach. That is where we come in! Silverline Systems has over 25 years of experience in home renovation. Contact us to know more about our services:


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