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Garage Floor Epoxy Alternative In Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Kuna

Silverline's Epoxy Alternative is Four Times Stronger and 98% More Flexible Than Standard Epoxy

We use a high-performance system that protects & enhances surfaces. High-traffic spaces demand high-performance systems. Using an extremely durable Polyurea coating, an advanced technology similar to spray-on truck bed liners, this garage floor coating system is four times stronger and 98% more flexible than epoxy. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the Polyurea coatings system is virtually odor-free, with ultra-low VOCs. We have been doing this system in the valley for over 10 years with great success. Ideal for garage floors, commercial buildings, vet clinics and more.

Coating your garage floor is a great way to add value and style to your Treasure Valley home!  With one of our epoxy coatings your garage will feel like an extension of your home and not just some place to park your car.  You can choose from our popular styles and colors or we can customize your new garage floor to your specifications.  Not only does concrete epoxy look great but they are also very durable!  They will not stain if you suddenly have an oil leak, or from all the dirt, mud, snow and whatever else you track in on your tires.  There are other companies in the Boise area that offer garage floor epoxy coating and also do it your self kits available but keep in mind that we use an extremely durable Polyurea coating which is four times stronger and 98% more flexible than epoxy.  We have been doing this system in the Treasure Valley for over 10 years with great success!  We would love for you to stop by our showroom to check out our epoxy garage floor coating samples and all of our other great products!  You can also call us at 208-888-4176 to schedule a free estimate.  Also, check out our pictures on the website, Facebook and Instagram.

10 Reasons Why You Should Coat Your Boise Garage Floors with Epoxy?

Are you having trouble making the decision on whether or not to have your garage floor coated? Maybe there is a little problem in convincing your wife (or husband) that having a garage epoxy floor installed isn’t worth the time or money?

Well for all of the reasons you might have for not pulling the trigger let me give you 10 good reasons why having Silverline install one of our custom epoxy floors in your garage is the right thing for you. Not only will Silverline epoxy floor coatings look wonderful, but also protect the environment, protect your investment in your property and even increase your property value.

So here they are some great facts that will motivate you to get your garage concrete flooring coated!

  • Beautification – This is the most obvious advantage to a Silverline floor epoxy coating, but don’t overlook it. With tons of color options and floor epoxy finishes we are sure to have a system that fits just your needs and style. The difference will be night and day.
  • Property Value – Another reason to apply a garage floor epoxy coating that may not be so obvious is that a finished garage floor actually increases the value of your home. Many contractors now offer to finish the concrete floor of the garage as an option with new construction. In today’s world often the garage floor is the front door!
  • Clean – Epoxy floor coatings is much easier to clean, and keep clean than traditional concrete. Concrete is porous so dirt, dust, oil, etc. enter into the pores of the concrete floors and is then almost impossible to get out. A quality epoxy floor coating seals the concrete and prevents any material from penetrating the concrete surface allowing you to just brush or hose it off for a perfectly clean concrete floor.
  • More Light – Garage epoxy flooring by Silverline all include a clear top coat that has a gloss to it. This reflective surface over a color that is usually much lighter than dingy grey concrete and provides a bright, well lit room. It increases the brightness in some garages so much that people have actually been able to reduce the amount of lighting they use therefore reducing energy costs!
  • Green Living – A sealed garage floor prevents oil, brake fluid, etc. from penetrating your concrete and then leaking into the soil. Combine this fact with reduced energy cost and it’s pretty clear that a garage floor coating is the “green” way to improve your garage.
  • Slip No More – Epoxy coatings by Silverline have great slip resistant features. Oil or water just wipes right up leaving a dry, clean surface that is much less slick than standard concrete. Also flake systems or silica sand provide a great surface that has a slip resistant yet comfortable surface.
  • Reducing Moisture – Moisture Vapor Emission is a common problem when dealing with concrete. This happens when moisture vapors rise through the concrete. Not only will this damage your concrete, but it can cause rust on your metal tools and surfaces in your garage. Silverline uses a moisture barrier primer that prevents these nasty emissions and keeps your concrete looking great and your garage or shop nice and dry.
  • Prevent Concrete Erosion – Elements that exist in the soil and even in your concrete when combined with moisture can spell doom for your concrete surfaces. With a proper and guaranteed epoxy coatings installation by Silverline you will avoid erosion caused by this phenomenon.
  • Be Expressive – With a wide variety of finishes and color options Silverline gives you the chance to express yourself with! Combine a garage floor epoxy with some custom garage cabinets (also offered by Silverline) and you can make your garage another place where you can express your creativity.
  • Keep Organized – Having a clean, beautiful garage floor will inspire you to keep the rest of your garage organized and picked up. This in turn will make you want to keep the rest of your house nice and neat as well!

Well there you have it, just a few reasons that will help you make your decision to get your garage floor coated. Just give Silverline a call and we can provide a free estimate and give you some ideas that will help you pick out the perfect garage epoxy floor coating for your needs and your style. Don’t hesitate call Silverline today and let us be your source for concrete surface beautification and home organization!

Garage Epoxy Flooring Colors and Epoxy Coating Design Options

There are an endless amount of options for concrete floors coating and garage floor epoxy flooring for your garage. The increase in technology over the past 10 years has allowed garage floors to blend with any style and décor. It can range from a simple grey concrete with a weather-proof sealer to a complex coating that can look like tile, granite or even marble.

The colors and textures come in a range of colors and are usually made of high solid industrial coatings with acrylic paint chips to allow for maximum color options. This type of paint-based system provides an excellent wear surface that can stand the coldest winters and the hottest summers. There are special materials made even for impact resistance such as quartz aggregates in an resin material.

Most people choose the design of their garage epoxy flooring so it matches the look and décor of their home. Colors and textures can be matched perfectly and can hide any imperfection currently on your garage floor. Usually for floors that have no imperfections, a medium or light paint chip coverage is usually recommended. If you have a large imperfection or several smaller ones, usually a quartz aggregate is recommended. Again, either way, the color and texture is up to you.

What about care and maintenance for garage floor epoxy?

Because of the new technology of concrete floor coverings, the maintenance is easy. Regular maintenance includes a soft broom or dust mop. For a deeper clean, simply wash the floor with a neutral cleanser and make sure to rinse it well (always check the cleaner by placing it on a small area of the floor to make sure it doesn’t cause discoloration).

To eliminate tire marks from your garage floor you can use a cleanser such as Simple Green (10-1 diluted with water) or any non-toxic cleanser. Again, make sure to check the labels and stay away from any harsh cleaners that might ruin the look of your floors.

Although garage floor coatings are strong enough to withstand a lot of substances, they’re not perfect and it is important to clean up any spills immediately. A little maintenance can go a long way to keep your garage floor looking great.

DIY Garage Floor Coatings

We recently read a blog about some house flippers who decided to makeover the garage by doing an epoxy coating themselves instead of hiring a professional to do it.  The before and after pictures looked great but what we need to see is the after pictures in a few years.  The problem with doing it yourself is that if the prep work and application are not done correctly and the right products are not used it will not last.  We often get calls from homeowners who have a coating but it is peeling up and looks terrible.  The only and costly solution to this is to grind down the concrete and recoat it properly.  After that, it will look amazing and will last.  DIY is great but can also lead to more hassle down the road.  Give Silverline a chance to give you a quote and you can save yourself a weekend of work and more money spent later.  If you do have peeling in your garage let us take care of that for you.

Still Wondering if you should get your garage concrete coated?

That is a question we at Silverline hear all to often. We like to think a better question is “Why wouldn’t I coat my garage floor?” After taking into account the benefits and durability a good quality coating provide we feel that you will be asking that question too! Concrete Coatings not only make your garage look great, but they protect and extend the life of your concrete. Imagine, no more stains or “ugly” spots on your concrete. Even the toughest greases and automotive fluids wipe up with minimal effort and you are left with a floor that has a showroom shine. Another benefit with a Silverline epoxy flooring coating is the durability. Unlike many concrete paints or low quality kits that you may see out there, our coatings are made to last. You don’t have to worry about the horror stories that many people hear about from garage floors coated with poor materials or improper preparation. Silverline guarantees it’s floor coatings against staining, delamination, yellowing, etc. We give you the piece of mind that you will have a good quality system that will be with you for years to last. So don’t hesitate, realize the full potential of your garage flooring. Call Silverline today and get a free estimate on your garage epoxy flooring project! Serving Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Nampa, Kuna, Caldwell and the entire Treasure Valley

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Epoxy Flooring Grey and tan flakes
Silverline Systems Epoxy Garage Flooring Color Chart for boise idaho homes
tan epoxy flooring boise idaho home
black and white with a little gray speckled epoxy garage floor
Lighter tan, white and black garage epoxy floors
darker blue and black epoxy garage floor in house in boise idaho
Black & Gray epoxy garage floor with 4 cracks in boise idaho house
Blue epoxy garage floor boise idaho garage
epoxy garage floor coatings boise idaho
Brown and black epoxy garage floor

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We are a locally owned and operated company located in Boise, Idaho. With over 25 years of combined experience we have created a company that can offer an array of options to add appeal and even value to your home or facility. Silverline was started in 2004 offering garage floor coatings, and since then has added concrete overlays, metallic coatings, staining and sealing. Recently adding a premier line of garage cabinets, closets and home organization solutions, becoming the one stop shop.  We also took the next step of moving our office from an industrial warehouse in Meridian to a streamline location on the NE corner of Eagle rd and Chinden. Creating a Design Center that you can come in to see, feel and design the finishes that you are looking for your new or existing home or office for your concrete surfaces or storage systems.