Garage Storage Cabinets & Flooring For Your Work Shop

If you have a shop or garage that you would love to make more organized, functional and inviting, we can help!  The best part about our garage floor coatings is how durable they are but they also make your space look great!  There is nothing worse than a garage floor that is covered in oil from a leak you didn’t know was there until to late.  With our floor coatings, this oil will wipe right up so no worries (other than having a car repair bill that is).  We have tons of different options and styles of garage cabinets to match your style, colors and most of all storage needs.  

Garage Cabinets For Your Work Shop

The world seems to move a mile a minute, sometimes making it hard for us to keep up! We’re constantly rushing around with overbooked schedules, deadlines that are due, errands to run, and our home is a cluttered mess! It’s time to take a deep breath, exhale, and stop for a moment. Take life back into our own hands, slow down, and tackle each item one step at a time. A simple and effective way to mitigate chaotic lifestyle and stress is to get organized!  Take control of your space, and take control of your life. You’d be surprised how focused & productive one can feel with an organized garage and living space.


A quick visit to Silverline is a sure way to pick up valuable home and garage storage ideas. Storing and organizing the clutter in your life with our line of garage cabinets will help bring back the calm; no more tripping over clutter, and worrying about mess. Increase your ability to live and accomplish more with the benefits of garage organization.


Locate & Conquer!

Find what you’re looking for, now! No more, “Where’s my wrench?”, “Where did we leave the camping gear?”, or “I thought I parked the car in the garage!?” Find positive piece of mind knowing all your tools, sporting gear and kids’ toys can be stored neatly away into garage cabinets, overhead storage racks and organized on the walls with ORG Wall panels and accessories. Find what you’re looking for, and don’t lose your car to clutter again!


Re-Claim Your Space

You’ll realize just how much room you forgot you had! It’s amazing how much space we see we’ve got when we just move things around a little, and store clutter away, off the garage floor! Re-discover your garage and all the valuable space it has to offer for your workshop, projects, and a playroom for the kids. Getting that clutter out of your front hall and living room, and stored away neatly in the garage will make for a much more welcoming and livable home! This can be further enhanced by one of Silverline’s garage floor coatings!


Save & Rejoice!

In this economy, every penny counts! Save time and money on everything from gifts, school supplies, groceries and more. Being organized means taking better inventory the items in your home so you know what you really need when you need it, without buying unnecessary items.


Impress the Best of ‘Em!

Ever heard the expression ‘dress to impress’? The same goes for your home; organize and be idolized! Your friends, family and neighbors will respect you even more if you keep a well-organized & maintained home. Be the envy of your neighborhood with an impressive and stylish garage. Steel heavy-duty garage cabinetry with chrome accents, and sleek PVC roll flooring is a sure way to WOW ‘em! Your kids will also learn from your positive actions.



By saving time and reducing stress through organizing, you’ll have more time to do what you enjoy for that healthy balance between life and work. Whether that means more time for fishing with the boys, driving up to the cottage with the family, or finishing a project in your garage workshop, you’ll take pleasure in your schedule, and you will regain focus on what’s important.


Running late, forgetting things, climbing over clutter and driving yourself mad searching for lost items is stressful and time consuming!   You’ll feel more in control and less stressed with a de-cluttered home and an organized time schedule. Increase your quality of life, & the happiness of those around you.

Garage Flooring For Your At Home Work Shop


Are you considering a garage floor covering? Looking to improve the look and overall feel of your garage? Well that is exactly what one of our concrete coating systems here at Silverline can do for you.

What exactly is a concrete coating system, and why does it make an ideal garage floor covering? For starters ask yourself what you would want your ideal garage floor would be like. I’m sure you would say it would have to be durable, damage resistant, and spill proof to protect your garage floor from stray fluids that often accompany working on your car. In simple terms you want a protective layer like armor for your garage floor.

A Silverline Systems concrete coating is that armor you’re looking for. Our concrete coatings are extremely durable chemical compounds that apply to your floor in a liquid form to ensure an even and full coating. After it is applied it bonds to your concrete and hardens to give you a completely impenetrable layer of protection on your concrete. After it is fully cured and our top coating is applied you will have surface that is both water and chemical resistant that can endure in almost all elements and provide your with a stain resistant surface to ensure an easy to clean neat looking garage.

Once installed, you will have a floor that protects against stains and damage. You will of course still have to clean up stains and any kind of spills, but they will not penetrate the surface or soak into your concrete. Another benefit is that these coatings will help to prevent cracks and other damage to your garage floor.

Quite simply a concrete coating from Silverline Systems can provide you with a fantastic looking solution for your garage floor or other existing concrete that is durable, stain resistant, and easy to maintain. This makes it a great option for every home owner who is looking to not only improve the look of his existing concrete and increase the value of their home, but also make it easier to maintain. So do yourself a favor and get in touch with us here at Silverline Systems and set up a free consultation to see what we can do for your garage floor or other existing concrete.

How To Choose The Right Garage Floor Coating?

So you have finally decided to update your garage flooring a bit. Maybe it is looking a little dingy or damaged? Well, you have a variety of options, but differences exist in cost, maintenance needs, longevity and style.

One option you have is tile or stone. Although tile can look beautiful, it is usually expensive to install and not very durable. Therefore it is a good option if you do not have kids and are looking to turn your garage into more of a showroom rather than something usable.

Another option is epoxy. Epoxy flooring is cheap to install and easy to “do-it-yourself”. However, you need to be diligent with maintenance and they do not last very long.

Rubber mats are a great value and provide a durable surface that also gives some padding. This can be a great option for someone with kids who might use the garage for a play area. Unfortunately, cleaning these mats can be troublesome. Due to their interlocking design, you cannot simply hose down the floor without lifting up all the mats to ensure everything is dry.

Finally, there is our ColorFlake System. This system is similar in look as Epoxy but with longer lasting results to stains from automotive fluids and longevity with low maintenance cost. This system is ideal for colder climates and can be custom designed to match any decor or look with out the fear of delaminating or fading.

  To learn more about our ColorFlake System for your garage, contact us today.


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