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Pool Decks

We recently spent some time at a friend's pool and they had just had their concrete covered with a decking material, while it looked beautiful there were two problems.  The first issue was it was hot, I mean third degree burn your feet hot!  The second issue was that when wet it was super slippery.  Silverline has coated many pool decks and can solve both of these problems.  We can add products to our coatings that make them slip resistant and they are much cooler on your feet than concrete alone.  Not to mention that our coatings had color and design to your pool!  It has also to protect your concrete from all of the elements and is affordable, especially when compared to other options.  So if you have a patio deck that could use a coating please call us today to schedule a free estimate.  Someone from our team will come to your home, assess your needs, show you some samples and give you an exact estimate for the job.

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