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Store those Holiday Treasures

Well it’s finally here; we are less than a week away from Christmas. Christmas usually means something in almost every household…New Clothes. More clothes means less space in your already cramped closet. New sweaters, socks, shirts, etc. mean less space and more frustration. Why not give yourself the gift of an organized closet that you will enjoy for years to come? The problem with most closet systems is that they are not designed to fit your specific needs. Most homes are built with a basic 2 shelf, 2 rod system that has been the standard for years. This, in most cases, is inefficient to say the least.

We at Silverline Systems are here to offer you an alternative. Imagine a closet customized and tailored to suit your specific needs. Perhaps you need less rod space and more shoe storage. Maybe it’s more shelving or stacked sections of hanging rods. Whatever you may need Silverline is able to provide you with a solution that is sure to provide you with much more storage space than you currently have. In fact in many cases the addition of a storage system can increase your closet storage space by up to three times. Another benefit is the fact that with one of Silverline Systems custom designed closets we give you the option of adjustable shelving that allows you to adjust your spaces as needed.

There are many reasons to consider customized Storage. Keep in mind that Silverline is always here to provide our customers with FREE design consultations. We will visit with you and provide a 3D rendering to show you what we can do with your space. So even though Christmas is here, don’t hesitate. Get yourself a present after the holidays to help store the presents you got during the holidays. Silverline Systems is your source for Concrete Beautification and Home Organization.

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