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Spring, Time for Concrete Coatings & Concrete Overlays

Well it’s that time of year again, the weather is changing (constantly) and the first promise of spring has sprung into the air. People are beginning to get a bit more antsy and ready to get outside and enjoy some nice weather as the last moments of winter begin to fade away. If you’re anything like the crew here at Silverline this means one thing is first and foremost upon your mind…Spring Projects!

Spring Cleaning, remodeling, home improvements, etc. are all things we have on our minds as the weather improves. There is so much to do and so much to consider, well here is an idea for a great home improvement project that you may have been putting off or not even really thinking about, concrete beautification. Concrete beautification is something simple and relatively inexpensive that will drastically change the appearance and durability of your patios, garages, etc.

First off let’s talk about your patio. Why deal with another year of grey, dingy concrete dragging down the look and feel of your home and back yard. Let Silverline provide you with a variety of options to not only improve the looks of your concrete, but protect it and increase its longevity. Decorative concrete overlays provide a great look that is extremely customizable and rich looking. Silverline also provides options for durable exterior concrete coatings and concrete staining and sealing.

Lastly one place that is often the source of “spring cleaning” is the garage. While you’re thinning out items that have been in winter storage, or planning to clear some space with a yard sale, consider Silverline and the great garage floor systems we provide. While you’re cleaning out your garage let Silverline provide you with a great looking, extremely durable floor system that will last for years to come and give you a wonderful looking, easy to clean garage that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Regardless of what route you take during the spring season, just remember to keep Silverline in mind and let us help you with any of your concrete beautification and home organization needs. Be sure to come visit us this coming weekend (March 15 – 18) at the Expo building on the Western Idaho Fair Grounds. We will have great displays of our products and have some great offers for customers who come and see what we have to offer.

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