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Remodeling Your Garage

Clear out a space for that car!  Silverline can make your life easier whether it is organizing or just creating more floor space we have the top of the line team to get it done.

Custom Garage Cabinets

Organizing can be simple.  Custom cabinets can create a clean and safe environment.  The custom make and design of the cabinets are based around your personal layout.  With any size, color, or style that you wish we can make your space look just like the one you always wanted.

Overhead Garage Racks

Overhead racks are a simple tool to storage.  Most organizations forget about the ceiling thinking that it is hard to get down when you want to use it.  Not true!  It decreases clutter and the big, bulky objects that you just don’t have room for can be at your fingertips.  It is inexpensive and is easily accessible.  Combined with the cabinets it creates a nice, clean look with not clutter or bulk. 
Don’t forget about the walls.  If we can utilize the space on your ceiling then we can do the same with your wall space too.  Our products can withstand cold, heat, or water and they are built for everyday wear and tear so it lasts.  We have all sorts of accessories from hooks to baskets we can help you mount your bike, skis, and sports equipment. 

Top off your Garage with a Concrete Coating

To round out your garage remodel, consider a professional concrete coating to make your garage shine.

It is all up to you.  Our team can help you confidently and answer all you questions.

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