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Making your garage an extension of your living space

Over the past few years garages have become an extension of a family’s living space instead of the dirty, storage area where you park your car. Today, garages have a permanent placement in the design of homes. Families are requiring that garages store three or more vehicles and more often are not attached to the home. They have graduated from dirty storage areas to become organized shops, showrooms or exercise areas. Attention is being paid to decorating the garage just like any other room in the house and special consideration is being given to what goes on the concrete floors.

The trend to upgrade and customize residential garages started in southern California where mild weather encouraged people to spend more time outdoors and in their garages. The trend slowly moved to other parts of the country with the addition of air conditioners and heaters. As these trends evolved, the need for nicer materials meant for the wear and tear of a garage have also evolved. Specialized garage cabinet systems and custom garage floor coatings have become more popular. Now the choices of finishes, colors and textures are endless. For ideas on what custom cabinets and garage floor coatings can do for your garage, contact us.

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