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Garage Flooring Design Options

There are an endless amount of options for concrete coating and flooring for your garage. The increae in technology over the past 10 years has allowed garage floors to blend with any style and décor. It can range from a simple grey concrete with a weather-proof sealer to a complex coating that can look like tile, granite or even marble.

The colors and textures come in a range of colors and are usually made of high solid industrial coatings with acrylic paint chips to allow for maximum color options. This type of paint-based system provides an excellent wear surface that can stand the coldest winters and the hottest summers. There are special materials made even for impact resistance such as quartz aggregates in an resin material.

Most people choose the design of their garage floor so it matches the look and décor of their home. Colors and textures can be matched perfectly and can hide any imperfection currently on your garage floor. Usually for floors that have no imperfections, a medium or light paint chip coverage is usually recommended. If you have a large imperfection or several smaller ones, usually a quartz aggregate is recommended. Again, either way, the color and texture is up to you.

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