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Care and Maintenance for Your Garage Floor Coatings

Because of the new technology of concrete floor coverings, the maintenance is easy. Regular maintenance includes a soft broom or dust mop. For a deeper clean, simply wash the floor with a neutral cleanser and make sure to rinse it well (always check the cleaner by placing it on a small area of the floor to make sure it doesn’t cause discoloration).

To eliminate tire marks from your garage floor you can use a cleanser such as Simple Green (10-1 diluted with water) or any non-toxic cleanser. Again, make sure to check the labels and stay away from any harsh cleaners that might ruin the look of your floors.

Although garage floor coatings are strong enough to withstand a lot of substances, they’re not perfect and it is important to clean up any spills immediately. A little maintenance can go a long way to keep your garage floor looking great.

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