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Types of Concrete Coatings

There are 5 types of concrete overlays available.

Stampable overlays

A stamped overlay offers all the aesthetic benefits of conventional stamped concrete but is less time- and labor-intensive to install which means it costs less money to the homeowner. The overlay mix is applied using a gauge rake and then imprinted with a design. There are many different types of designs available and can be used to make the coating look like natural stone, brick, or slate.

Microtoppings and skim coats

These are super thin decorative toppings that are applied to floors with no holes or cracks in them. The material is administered by a trowel and can be as thin as a few millimeters. Many colors and textures are available.

Epoxy Terrazzo Toppings

Epoxy Terrazzo is a thin substance that is poured in place to a thickness of up to 3/8 of an inch. You can incorporate colors or paint to achieve the look you are going for. It can also be colored with chips of marble, granite or glass to achieve an even more customized look.

Spray-down systems

These are systems that are sprayed down evenly onto existing concrete. Again, many textures and colors are available to achieve the look you are going for. One popular technique is to use stencils to produce different designs.

Self-leveling overlays

This type of concrete garage coating has the ability to level without using trowling and extra labor. It also comes in handy because it can smooth and level any cracks or holes. You are able to engrave designs or incorporate decorative inlays and this material can also be stained.

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