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Choosing the Right Garage Floor

So you have finally decided to update your garage flooring a bit. Maybe it is looking a little dingy or damaged? Well, you have a variety of options, but differences exist in cost, maintenance needs, longevity and style.

One option you have is tile or stone. Although tile can look beautiful, it is usually expensive to install and not very durable. Therefore it is a good option if you do not have kids and are looking to turn your garage into more of a showroom rather than something usable.

Another option is epoxy. Epoxy flooring is cheap to install and easy to “do-it-yourself”. However, you need to be diligent with maintenance and they do not last very long.

Rubber mats are a great value and provide a durable surface that also gives some padding. This can be a great option for someone with kids who might use the garage for a play area. Unfortunately, cleaning these mats can be troublesome. Due to their interlocking design, you cannot simply hose down the floor without lifting up all the mats to ensure everything is dry.

Finally, there is our ColorFlake System. This system is similar in look as Epoxy but with longer lasting results to stains from automotive fluids and longevity with low maintenance cost. This system is ideal for colder climates and can be custom designed to match any decor or look with out the fear of delaminating or fading.

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