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Steps to an Organized Closet

Closet organization is a simple and fulfilling task. Having an organized closet allows easier access to clothing, shoes and other personal belongings creating timesaving ease on those busy mornings. If you don’t have the money to spend on an expensive closet organization system, follow these few simple steps and you’ll be clutter-free and organized in no time.

Make the Commitment!

First, commit the time and energy to begin your closet organization project. For some, the project many only take an hour or two and for others it may take several. Be sure to set aside a particular day and time to allow you to start and finish in the same day.

Purge Your Wardrobe

The most difficult step for first-time closet organizers is purging old clothing. Begin your organization quest by eliminating ill fitting, stained, torn and unwanted clothing, shoes, belts, etc.

Also consider eliminating items you haven’t worn in over a year or are no longer in style. It’s best for amateur organizers to conduct at least two or three passes through their closet before beginning the next steps. Give purged items away to a friend, place high-ticket items in a consignment shop or on eBay, or donate to your local charity for a tax deduction at year-end.


Coordinate and arrange your newly purged closet by clothing item. If you’re a working professional, consider organizing each clothing item by work or casual, thus eliminating button-down shirts mixed in with casual, no collar shirts.

Quality Hangers

Purchase plastic hangers from your local dollar or thrift store. Plastic hangers will provide greater support to your clothing and a cleaner look to your closet. Take a moment to move your freshly dry cleaned items onto plastic hangers and return wire hangers to your dry cleaner for recycling. When purchasing clothing at a department store, ask the clerk to keep your item on the hanger.

Shoe Storage

Over-the-door shoe racks, hanging plastic or canvas storage bags are an easy and efficient way to organize everyday footwear. Throw away or move shoeboxes or floor shoe storage racks to another closet for added space and organization. If you’re running low on shoe storage space, place formal and infrequently worn shoes in clear plastic totes or bags for safekeeping either on shelves or in your seasonal closet.

General Storage

It’s important to store only clothing-related items in your closet. Here are a few simple general storage ideas:

- Move bulky winter coats and jackets to smaller coat-sized closets.

- Store formal wear in garment bags in your seasonal closet.

- Keep dirty and dingy shoes and sneakers in the garage and away from clean clothing.

- Use hooks to store baseball caps and hats on closet walls.

- Place any wool hats or scarves in your sweater storage bins for safekeeping.

- Any clothing not on hangers should be neatly folded and carefully placed on shelves or in hanging storage bags.

- Allow nothing on the floor.

Try these tips out and just enjoy all the extra room you have as well as the ease of knowing exactly where your items are! Call us at Silverline to have us design a custom closet to fit any and all of your storage needs!

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