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Prepping your Patio to Party!

Well finally some sunshine and warm weather, at least for a day or two. Time to start thinking about firing up the barbeque and breaking out the deck chairs. Every time this year everyone starts thinking about spending more time on the patio and outdoors in general. Money can be spent on landscaping and new outdoor furniture, but sometimes it just seems like you’re putting lipstick on a pig when you look down at your concrete patio. Are you tired of the dull, cracked, stained concrete surfaces that surround your home? Don’t you wish that you had a surface that is not only beautiful, but durable and easy to clean?

Consider Concrete Coatings as a possible solution. Concrete coatings come in a choice of patterns and colors. A decorative concrete overlay is something unique that will instantly beautify even the most unsightly concrete areas. With a concrete overlay you can turn a plain concrete slab into a beautiful patio, perfect for entertaining and your own personal enjoyment. Also this type of coating can transform a water-stained concrete pool deck into an attractive recreation area. These coatings can waterproof that leaky deck with an impressive decorative look.

The possibilities are endless. Choose from a wide array of coatings that simulate the look of the real thing included: Spanish pavers, tile, slate, brick or flagstone. Decorative concrete coatings are affordable and save you the headache and hassle of removing your existing concrete. There's no need to go through the complicated concrete removal process when it can simply be coated with a decorative pattern that is elegant and affordable. Coatings can be applied as thin as 1/8" so that adjacent surfaces can be seamlessly contoured. These time-tested commercial coatings are extremely durable and take extended wear and tear. They hold up to vehicular traffic and years of harsh weather too. The benefits that come with this technology are staggering.

  • These surfaces are non-porous and can be made slip-resistant
  • Pigments used are mixed completely through the materials to ensure the color stays true
  • A clear sealer protects against fading from ultra-violate rays
  • They are low maintenance and long lasting

When applied over old or new concrete, concrete coatings are a perfect solution to a longstanding problem. They are ideal for driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks or any concrete surface you wish to improve. So if cracks, stains or crumbling concrete are depreciating the value and enjoyment of your home, look into having them coated. Call or stop by the Silverline Design Center and let us help you find the right coating and design to change your outdoor areas from drab to fab!

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