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Maximize Your Space, Increase Value

There are many benefits to using a custom closet organizer. When things are organized, it makes the items easier to find.  The owner does not have to search through clutter to find the one sweater they wish to wear.  Avoid the frustration of only being able to find one of the pair of favorite shoes.  Make closet organization a high priority.

Being able to choose a good and durable closet organization system can help make a prosperous beginning. When having a closet designed consider your needs, but make sure that you are practical.  Closets are money in the real estate world.  It should be designed and decorated just like any other room in the house.  Master bedroom closets are high dollar real estate and deserve careful planning.

A custom designed closet organization system is much more affordable than you may think and they provide many options that are not easy to do yourself or that you can find at your local hardware supply store. There are endless combinations of shelving, drawers, cabinets and hanging rods. Mix these pieces together to make the space the most beneficial and practical for you.  If possible, it is a big benefit, to have an ironing board in the space.

Having a clean, organized closet boosts a person's self-image.  They have ready access to all the pieces of their wardrobe which lends itself to putting together matched outfits.  It just feels better to walk into the wardrobe, and see everything all arranged and accessible.  It encourages the user to take better care of clothes and accessories.  This makes them last longer.  With everything in arms reach, the closet encourages the user to use all of their things, rather than just a few favorite pieces.

Having a well-designed closet organizer also adds value to the home.  Closets sell and messy closets loose sales and decrease desirability.  Many designer claims that a high-end closet can add up to 5% or more to the cost of the home.  Again try to use pieces that are practical for not only you, but a future potential buyer. One common new trend is a washer and dryer in the master bedroom closet.  If you have a closet that is big enough, and you give into the trend, make sure there is another laundry room in the house.  If this is the only washer and dryer, it will significantly decrease the desirability of the home.  Use a common sense approach.

Go to magazines, the internet and showrooms to gather ideas that will work for the space available. We encourage anyone who has interest in a great home storage system to visit our design center on Fairview Avenue just east of Cloverdale. Silverline System is the Treasure Valley’s premiere designer and installer of closet organizers and whole home storage Solutions. Take some time to visit the Storage Systems section of this website and call us today to get your FREE in home design consultation.

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