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Maureen Thomas is a self-described “organization freak.” When Thomas and her family moved into their ranch-style home in Boise’s Hillcrest neighborhood in 1997, she spent a long weekend organizing everything while her husband and their sons were away on a trip. Everything had its place after that project, and it still does today. Except in the garage.

“Which is why my garage was driving me crazy,” Thomas says.

Thomas would pull into the garage and immediately feel tension from the chaos and clutter.

A friend had used Silverline Systems for a garage floor makeover and suggested Thomas try the Boise-based business for her project. The old garage was typical of a 1961 ranch home. It had just enough room for two cars and little else. The Thomases did a major renovation on their home after purchasing it in late 1996 but decided not to change the garage because they didn’t want to compromise the original exterior of their home. As a result, space was tight, and storage was almost impossible.

Silverline did a major overhaul, adding cabinets, a new floor coating, lighting and storage. The upgrade tripled the Thomases’ storage space....READ MORE

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