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Acrylic Polymer vs. Hybrid Polymer Concrete Overlay

Acrylic Polymer Versus Hybrid Polymer Cements... Is There Really a Difference? The short answer to the above question is YES. The more detailed answer is this... if you’re having another company than Silverline install your decorative concrete overlays you are most likely using an acrylic modified cement mix. This type of mix has been around a long time and has become the preferred modifier by manufacturers because it is inexpensive to buy and easy for them to sell. Why do I say this, because it is merely a watered down acrylic resin that you’re using. So, in essence you are using mostly water, "Magic Water."

Acrylic mixes do exhibit good hardness and UV resistance, but only fair adhesion to the concrete substrate. Where acrylics fall short is you are generally limited to spray textures, knockdown textures and trowel textures. These acrylic mixes also dry very quickly, in fact too quickly and become difficult to apply as they get thicker. The fact that they dry quickly also prohibits them from achieving an optimal bond as they don't have time to soak into the pores of the concrete. It is not uncommon to have bucket of acrylic bag mix set up in the bucket before you can finish using it? The technology behind acrylic bag mixes is no different than that of acrylic paint. Does acrylic paint permanently adhere to concrete? No it certainly does not and will not.

A Hybrid Polymer is a blend of many different polymers. It does include some acrylics, but also has vinyl polymer, styrene and some others. The key benefit is it will allow you to do applications that you cannot with plain acrylic mixes. The acrylic gives this mix hardness and UV resistance. The vinyl polymers give it better adhesion and make it easier to apply by giving you more working time. Lastly, the styrene polymers make this product water resistant. Our Hybrid Polymer mix has an increased 'pot life' beyond anything you have ever used before. The styrene is very important as it prevents our product from re-emulsifying if it gets wet.

To make a long story short (too late) Hybrid Polymer is more versatile, easier to use, more durable and provides a quality, durable finish. Silverline Systems only uses Hybrid Polymer Overlay materials. We at Silverline are not concrete contractors that simply offer this service as a touch up. We are certified, licensed installers who can transform you plain gray concrete into a work of art. Don’t Hesitate and Call Today! We will be more than happy to have one of our skilled design consultants meet with you and show you what we can do to take your boring gray concrete to the next level. Next question please…

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