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It All Starts With Your Floors...

When you consider improving the functionality of your garage, basement, patio, or any concrete flooring you may have Silverline Systems can provide a proven solution by transforming those plain grey concrete floors into highly usable, safe and easy to maintain surfaces. Whether it's a party, kids playing, or workshop, Silverline Systems’ decorative concrete surface systems will add style and years of usable living space in and around your home.



Functionality - Bare concrete is unsightly and gets worse with age. With the look of granite, quartz, natural stone, a Silverline Concrete System provides an attractive, more usable space

Surface Protection - Concrete is highly vulnerable to staining from auto fluids and erosion from road salt. Formulated to withstand corrosive chemical attacks from road salt to auto fluids, Silverline’s coatings have proven effective in heavy duty industrial and commercial applications.

Maintenance - Bare concrete is very porous and requires elbow grease and heavy duty chemical cleansers to remove stains and marks. Silverline Systems concrete coatings and overlays provide a highly durable, sealed surface that can be easily cleaned with a mild detergent.



Health and Safety - As a porous material, concrete is a natural breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria. Silverline Systems concrete systems are non-porous thereby significantly reducing them.

Simply put, Silverline Systems can not only improve the looks of your concrete, but also the ease of care, durability and saftey of any and all of your concrete surfaces. Call Silverline Systems today and let us take your concrete from plain and boring, to beautiful and easy to maintain!

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