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Some Reasons to Get your Garage Floor Coating Done!

Are you having trouble making the decision on whether or not to have your garage floor coated? Maybe there is a little problem in convincing your wife (or husband) that having a garage floor coating installed isn’t worth the time or money?

Well for all of the reasons you might have for not pulling the trigger let me give you 10 good reasons why having Silverline install one of our custom garage floor coatings is the right thing for you. Not only will a Silverline concrete coating look wonderful, but also protect the environment, protect your investment in your property and even increase your property value.

So here they are some great facts that will motivate you to get your garage floor coated!

  1. Beautification – This is the most obvious advantage to a Silverline coating, but don’t overlook it. With tons of color options and finishes we are sure to have a system that fits just your needs and style. The difference will be night and day.
  2. Property Value – Another reason to apply a garage floor coating that may not be so obvious is that a finished garage floor actually increases the value of your home. Many contractors now offer to finish the garage floor as an option with new construction. In today’s world often the garage is the front door!
  3. Clean – A coated garage floor is much easier to clean, and keep clean than traditional concrete. Concrete is a porous so dirt, dust, oil, etc. enter into the pores of the concrete and is then almost impossible to get out. A quality garage floor coating seals the concrete and prevents any material from penetrating the concrete service allowing you to just brush or hose it off for a perfectly clean garage floor.
  4. More Light – Garage floor coatings by Silverline all include a clear top coat that has a gloss to it. This reflective surface over a color that is usually much lighter than dingy grey concrete and provides a bright, well lit room. It increases the brightness in some garages so much that people have actually been able to reduce the amount of lighting they use therefore reducing energy costs!
  5. Green Living – A sealed garage floor prevents oil, brake fluid, etc. from penetrating your concrete and then leaking into the soil. Combine this fact with reduced energy cost and it’s pretty clear that a garage floor coating is the “green” way to improve your garage.
  6. Slip No More – Garage floor coatings by Silverline have great slip resistant features. Oil or water just wipes right up leaving a dry, clean surface that is much less slick than standard concrete. Also flake systems or silica sand provide a great surface that has a slip resistant yet comfortable surface.
  7. Reducing Moisture – Moisture Vapor Emission is a common problem when dealing with concrete. This happens when moisture vapors rise through the concrete. Not only will this damage your concrete, but it can cause rust on your metal tools and surfaces in your garage. Silverline uses a moisture barrier primer that prevents these nasty emissions and keeps your concrete looking great and your garage or shop nice and dry.
  8. Prevent Concrete Erosion – Elements that exist in the soil and even in your concrete when combined with moisture can spell doom for your concrete surfaces. With a proper and guaranteed installation by Silverline you will avoid erosion caused by this phenomenon.
  9. Be Expressive – With a wide variety of finishes and color options Silverline gives you the chance to express yourself with! Combine a garage floor coating with some custom garage cabinets (also offered by Silverline) and you can make your garage another place where you can express your creativity.
  10. Keep Organized – Having a clean, beautiful garage floor will inspire you to keep the rest of your garage organized and picked up. This in turn will make you want to keep the rest of your house nice and neat as well!

Well there you have it, just a few reasons that will help you make your decision to get your garage floor coated. Just give Silverline a call and we can provide a free estimate and give you some ideas that will help you pick out the perfect garage floor coating for your needs and your style. Don’t hesitate call Silverline today and let us be your source for concrete beautification and home organization!

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