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Get Organized...Everywhere!

When people think of organization they usually think of file cabinets or book cases. While these are great places to get organized they just scrape the possibilities of organizing and simplifying your life. Whole home organization ranges from the garage, to the closet, to the home, office, etc. etc. Silverline offers whole home organization solutions that are customized to fit your needs not only at home, but at the workplace as well.

Silverline is the Treasure Valley’s premiere source for all of your organization needs. We provide custom designed home and office closet organizers, pantries, desks, book cases, cabinetry, murphy beds, garage racks, etc. Basically said, if it will help you get organized Silverline can provide it. At Silverline we custom design solutions to fit your specific needs at home and at the office.

By customizing storage system to fit your needs you can maximize your available space and increase your storage by up to 3 times. That’s right, you can either have more storage room, or use space previously slotted to handle that overflow for something else! Silverline prides itself on giving you the best bang for your buck and for designing a system tailor made for your needs.

So whether it’s putting some cabinets in a garage, installing a closet organizer, or having new shelving or file drawers at the office Silverline can provide you with just what you’re looking for. Often times we can provide selections and design options that you may have never even thought about that will take your available space to a state of organization and simplicity that you never thought possible!

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