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A Garage That Says "Welcome Home"

Many people often wonder why you would want to apply a concrete coating to your garage or shop floor. To most people the garage is just a place to park your cars and store your odds and ends. While this is true, let’s look at what the garage can be and not just what it is.

Today, most people don’t enter their homes through the front door. The garage is the new entry to the home. People are also using their garages for more these days. Garages are playing the role of anything from workshop, hobby room, meeting place, etc. Why not do something that not only improves the look of this multifunction space, but also the functionality.

Anyone knows that garages get dirty, that’s common knowledge. But many people don’t realize that by applying a coating to their garage floor they can make it not only easier to keep clean, but also they will notice that their entire house stays cleaner. Concrete is a very porous material and those pores trap grease, oil, dust, etc. A quality concrete coating seals these pores and prevents staining and a place for dust to hide.

Just think the main entry to your home and less dust…This means that you are letting less dust and debris into your home by having a garage floor that is easier to clean and doesn’t trap these materials. Look at a garage floor coating as a way to improve your home at a very low cost.

On average a garage makeover is much less expensive than making over any other room in your home. So if you’ve been considering a garage improvement project or even if this blog has just put the idea in your head call Silverline today. Silverline Systems is the Treasure Valley’s premiere installer of garage floor coatings and garage storage systems. Let us show you how we can maximize your space and make your garage your showcase and a place that feels good to come home to.

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