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Who does not love a clean and organized garage?  For some, cleaning out the garage is a dreaded and pointless task because it just ends up the same cluttered mess it was before.  Let Silverline help you to avoid this relentless cycle with out customized cabinets and flooring systems for your garage.  If needed, we can bring one of our trailers to your home so you can store your stuff while we prep your floors for our garage coatings that not only looked awesome but are incredbile durable.  Next we can install your custom designed cabinets that you chose, from a variety of finishes and styles.    We offer cabinets in standard and wood grain finishes to compliment your home, we also have movable, durable storage racks and baskets that hang on a slat wall for toy and tool storage; mudroom lockers and bench storage that makes hats, backpacks and shoe storage simple.  We also have passion centers for golfers, gardeners, gear-heads, sports enthusiastists, and anyone else who enjoys outdoor activities.  







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