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Garage Floors & Garage Cabinets, Endless Benefits!

We get asked this question a lot.. "Is it really worth doing the floor coated and having cabinets installed?" The short answer is maybe... but the benefits usually push folks to at least install one or the other. First off lets talk about garage floors. They get the most abuse of any surface of the home. We drive on them, work on cars, they are the home base for odd jobs and the catch all for household items that don't have a place. This can lead to extremely dirty, unattractive floors that make you want to keep your garage door shut out of embarassment. A Silverline Systems garage floor coating provides a surface that is easy to clean, resistant to all the nasty stuff that gets tracked in or is leaked out by the car and they look fantastic. It makes you want to have your garage door open when you are home and in many cases turns the garage into another usable room of the house. Next lets discuss garage cabinets. Having a storage system that is designed to suit your needs and your items can increase your storage potential by up to three times. Having a place to store all your odds and ends means less junk on the floor and stacked awkwardly. That again translates into more usuable floor space and a much more attractive appealing room. If you've been asking yourself if you garage cabinets or floors are something that you want in your home we encourage you to check out our website and visit our design center. We are more than happy to provide free estimates and design consultations to help you create the garage of your dreams!

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