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Don't have a designated space for a home office?

Most people would love to have a home office, even if it is just for browsing the internet or a space for the kids to do homework but not everyone has an extra room.  We can design work spaces around your space.  Recently we completed a job for Waltman's Homes which was featured in the 2016 Canyon County Parade of Homes.  There was an extra space at the top of the stairs that could have just been wasted but they decided to have Silverline put in a double homework station with tons of storage and matched the decor of the home.  They added some fun light fixtures and it turned out awesome!  IIf this is something you are intersted in we would love to get a chance to see what we can offer for you.  Give us a call at 208-888-4716 to schedule an estimate, take a look at our website or stop by our showroom for more information!

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